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Here at Adelaide Blast Cleaning, we are committed to providing high quality roof restoration at very competitive prices using top quality materials. We are also committed to provide back up service if required. We take pride in our work so much so that we offer a
10-year warranty on workmanship and materials.

I started roofing in the late 70’s helping out my Brother in-law on the weekends, which lead to me creating my own business Adelaide Blast Cleaning in the mid 80’s.

I started off doing brick cleaning, paint stripping and cleaning white tile roofs and lead to full time roof restorations.



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I worked for a large well known home improvement company for close to 10 years providing customers with services such as roofing, gutters, fascia, leaf guard and warranty inspections. I left that company on good terms to focus on expanding my own business.

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Adelaide Blast Cleaning have been turning out quality restorations ever since. I have personally restored over 1400 roofs.

Large Roof Restoration companies hire many workers who do not have extensive experience, and must work very quickly for a small margin. These cheap restorations often look the part, but may have actually made your roof worse! For instance it is common with these quick-buck companies to thin roofing paint (reducing its weatherproofing value) to save money and drying time, and 95% of roof restoration companies do not insert weep holes into ridge capping, or they just point over them.
This can result in condensed water building up behind the capping and leaking into your ceiling!

We have the wealth of experience, we do it right first time – and we’re a family business here for the long haul – another reason we can offer a 10-year warranty on all our workmanship.
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